Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Japan

Japan bamboo forest

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If you are bored to death by your daily monotonous activities, why shouldn’t you break the monotony by choosing a totally different country for your next vacation? Why not go to Japan? Spend some time there, enjoying everything that this new culture has to offer; I bet that your creativity and imagination will be the first to benefit from such an outstanding experience.

Japan is well known around the globe as being one of the cleanest countries, if not the cleanest of them all. The people are said to be friendly and as they value tourism a lot, you will be extremely well treated. Tokyo offers its visitors a wide range of hotels, some of them being franchises of reputable international hotel chains. Just do a simple search on the internet and you will find out that even though the Japanese people are well known for travelling to other countries in large numbers, they have also learned to be very hospitable, doing their best to welcome the tourists on their islands.

In fact, Japan is well known in the entire world for its festivals, with the Cherry Blossom festival being one of most popular. People in Japan know how to rejoice when the nature comes once again to life, so they celebrate this festival between late March and the beginning of April. If you plan to travel to Japan in April you are going to see that everything seems to be dressed in pink cherry blossom flowers.

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The origin of this interesting custom dates 100 years back, when the rich people used to admire the beautiful cherry flowers, and then get inspired and write poems. Today Japanese people and tourists alike continue to admire the beauty of the flowers, and also eat and drink sitting under the pink cherry trees. If you choose to visit Japan during that period of the year, you will see lots of people doing BBQs and spending quality time rejoicing together. The festival is organized all over the country, so you won’t miss it for sure.

Maybe you plan to visit Japan during the summer. If this is the case, I have got some good news: the month of July brings the Star festival, when countless fireworks are dancing in the sky and the people spend hours and hours watching them. In fact, the Star festival is known to attract the largest crowds of tourists.
Many tourists that travel to Japan bring back with them a traditional costume. If you are interested in purchasing such a costume, you should visit Japan in November, when another festival is concentrating on the different traditional Japanese costumes. And believe it or not, every one of these costumes has deep connections with the rich, fascinating Japanese history.

Japan fireworks

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People of all ages enjoy this festival, taking part in different reenactments of various historical events. If by chance you will be there to take part in the Japanese costumes festival, you can participate in a five hour costume parade. About 2000 people are dressed as samurai, military figures, common people and their outfits usually go up to thousands of years back in time.

These were the most important festivals in Japan, but there are many smaller ones, which are organized all over the year. Once you decide that Japan is going to be your vacation destination, it is quite possible to arrive there and be a part of a Japanese festival, even if it is a smaller scale one. I can guarantee that these festivals will have a profound effect on you, as they are unique in the world and they represent a unique culture as well.

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  1. Japan Australia  on July 18th, 2012

    Japan is one of the hot tourist destinations for 2012 and there is no better time to visit than the summer with all the festivals and fireworks.

  2. Nguyễn Truyền Thủy  on May 26th, 2014

    i would like to visit Japan!

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