Skiing in Niseko Japan

Niseko Japan chair lift

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Skiing is an adventure sport and for a skiing fan the best thing in the world is a skiing resort full of excitement and adventure.
Niseko is a skiing resort located in the northern part of Japan. Niseko is situated in the island of Hokkaido in northern Japan. It is considered as one of the most popular skiing resorts in Asia. It is also among some of the snowiest skiing resorts in the world.

Here are some of the best features of Niseko skiing resort:

Niseko Japan

Niseko itself is not a single resort but consists of four different skiing resorts which are

  • Higashiyama
  • Annapuri
  • Honazono
  • Hirafu

All these resorts offer different kinds of skiing and snowboarding opportunities. The unique thing about this resort is that it receives fresh powders of snow which are delivered by the cold frontal systems flowing across Siberia. This results in driest snow which contains a water content of only 8%.

The snow here is so dry that you will find it difficult to make a snowball from it. Such weather conditions make this place one of the best in the world. Every year in winter skier and snowboards from all over the world unite at this place to enjoy the superb conditions and unique environment.

Learning to snowboard in Niseko Japan

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Niseko receives an average snowfall of about 13-15 meters. Niseko is a place for everyone. There are skiing runs for both beginners and professionals. The four resorts are connected by a shuttle bus service. A number of lifts, gondolas and chairs maintain a regular flow of the skiers.

Although Niseko is among the best skiing resorts in the world, but the fact is that it is not very crowded which means you can enjoy new terrain with less people and more powder. There are about 48 KM of ski runs which means never ending opportunities of skiing.

Niseko Japan mountain

Accommodation in Niseko is not an issue. There is a place for everyone. You can choose the best place according to your budget. These accommodations are equipped with the best facilities. So while on a trip to Niseko you don’t have to worry about home. Most of these hotels and chalets have English speaking staff. These accommodations are situated close to the skiing runs so you don’t have to travel much.

While in Niseko there is so much to do apart from skiing. There are many restaurants where you can enjoy traditional Japanese cuisines. These restaurants also serve as a place to interact with other skiers from all over the world and share unique skiing experiences. Niseko is also famous for the Onsens. Onsens are the Japanese hot springs. These are hot baths. You can enjoy and outside or inside baths. But the best among these are the outside baths. Imagine yourself sitting in hot water while the snow is drifting slowly from the sky and falling on your head. After enjoy the skiing runs this is the best way to relax.

All these facilities make Niseko one of the best skiing resorts in the world. This resort offers a combination of powder, best weather conditions, cuisines, culture and tradition. Visiting Niseko can be the most unforgettable experience of your life.

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