Japanese Idiom: Kill two birds with one Stone

Two birds on a wire

Photo by liquidnight on Flickr

There’s a few Japanese idioms that have a direct and well known translation in English. This is one of them :)

isseki nichou – 一石二鳥 (いっせきにちょう)

This idiom is an easy one to understand as there’s a directly translated one we use in English. It basically means you can save time or be more efficient if you can do two tasks at the same time.

Here’s an example sentence from the book 2001 Japanese and English Idioms:

Kami o katto shite moratte iru aida ni, isseki nichou dakara, tsuide ni manikyua mo shite moraimasu.


While getting a haircut, I’ll kill two birds with one stone and get a manicure, too.

Let us know if you’ve ever heard or used this idiom before :)

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