Japanese Counters Cheat Sheet

Japanese taxis

For anyone who’s tried learning to count in Japanese, you’ll soon find out how many strange and annoying variables the Japanese language has for counting. There’s different words for counting days of the week, people, flat items, long slender items, floors in a building, large animals, small animals…and on and on.

Today I came across a handy little Japanese counting cheat sheet that was put together by LinguaLift.

Japanese Counters Cheat Sheet

You can download the entire PDF here at the Linualift blog.

About.com also has a nice listing of the various Japanese counters if you prefer them written out in English romaji.

As an added quick tip when you find yourself struggling for the right counter to use, you can always fall back on the universal counters. While they may not be the most accurate, they’ll know what you mean right away.

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