Tokyo Art Events in June 2012

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Tokyo is the arts destination for anyone traveling throughout the country of Japan. Although there are events taking place throughout the year, you can find some of the best displays, showcases and exhibitions during the summer months, with June possibly proving the most promising. With many exciting events highlight the month of June, there is something for very one, so whether you enjoy art or are just looking for something to do, you need to check out the upcoming local events.

NACT Annual Show of Contemporary Art

(All March to June, excluding Tuesdays)


Photo by tamakisono on Flickr

This is an annual show that takes place during the beginning in March and ending in June. There is no particular theme during the show, but it is a great chance to see both up and coming and well standing artists from around the world, all showcasing their art for the masses. You can even talk to many of the artists to gain valuable insights into how they created their pieces and what it all means.

Sanno Matsuri

(June 9 to 16)


Photo by Tokyo ezine

This is considered one of Tokyo’s “Grand Festivals” as it is one of the largest taking place in the city. There are presentations, celebrations and events taking place at the garden ceremonies with incredible flower displays. Plus, as this is an even numbered year, there is a large parade with costumed locals. It is a great time to take in a bit of culture and learn about Japanese heritage. It is a great time for individuals of all ages, so whether you want to learn something fascinating about Japanese culture or past events, or you just enjoy seeing a good parade, this is an excellent option for anyone and everyone. The parade is made up of different shrines and dancers, making every step of the parade full of breathtaking displays and vibrant colour. It is something different and must be taken in first hand. The shrines and dancing individuals only takes place during even numbered years, so if you haven’t seen the Sanno Matsuri, now is the time to do so.

Sacred Silver Personal Ornaments from Asia Exhibition

(7 June to 25 August)


Visit the sacred silver exhibition which introduces visitors to rarely seen regional personal ornaments. The pieces on display are featured from various different countries across Asia and promise to offer a fascinating insight into both modern ornaments and also contemporary silver jewellery pieces.

Marc Chagall Exhibition

(7 to 25 June)


Try to catch the very first exhibition of Marc Chagall in Japan. His exhibition is showcasing some 39 paintings which have been taken from private collections held in Switzerland. All pieces are completely unique to Japan and highlights includes works from the Circus series, which are on show at the Nihonbashi Takashimaya 8F Hall.

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