Learning the Proper Way To Eat Sushi

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At first look, sushi looks like a delicate art form that will crumble apart long before it reaches your mouth. While in reality, sushi is far less finicky. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t special techniques involved in eating sushi properly. Our guest poster Amy Wiltbank is here to give you all the tips on how to eat sushi like a pro.

Is There a Proper Way To Eat Sushi?

If you are a beginner when it comes to sushi restaurants, you are probably unsure of how to enjoy your sushi. People consume sushi in a variety of ways, but many of these methods are incorrect. Taking the time to learn how to eat sushi correctly will ensure that you get the best experience, and it will prevent you from upsetting the chefs who worked so hard to prepare your sushi.

Choose The Proper Seat

Some people prefer to sit at the sushi bar so that they can watch their sushi being prepared. When sitting at the sushi bar, it is important to never bother the chef with requests for refills and such; your waiter or waitress will handle these issues.

If you would prefer to enjoy your sushi in a more intimate setting, you should choose a table instead. For those who are looking for conversation and additional company, it is acceptable to take a seat at the bar, but be warned that you may be bothered while you are enjoying your sushi.

Eat Sushi With Chopsticks Correctly


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Although it is difficult to eat some things with chopsticks, it is fairly simple to eat sushi with them. In order to experience the most culture from your sushi-eating experience, you should always eat sushi with chopsticks. If you do not know how to use them, it will only take a few minutes to learn if you try.

When enjoying your sushi with chopsticks, you should hold the sushi at a 90 degree angle so that you can dip the fish side, rather than the rice, in accompanying sauce. It is also appropriate to eat certain types of sushi with your fingers; only nigiri should be eaten this way.

Accent Your Sushi Correctly

One common mistake that many sushi eaters make is dipping their entire sushi roll in soy sauce. Since most sushi rolls are wrapped in rice, they will quickly soak up much more soy sauce than you intended, and the taste of your sushi will be ruined, as it will taste far too bitter and salty. The rice that is included in sushi rolls is very carefully seasoned in order to complement the fish and vegetables that are inside the sushi roll, so you typically won’t need soy sauce at all. If you do choose to add it, add only a dash to the actual fish side of your sushi instead of to the rice.

Wasabi is another unique yet tasty addition to sushi, but it should be eaten in moderation in order to enjoy your sushi thoroughly. Try adding a small bit of wasabi directly to the fish instead of the rice.

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Between trying different types of sushi, you should try a bite of ginger. Ginger should never be eaten in the same bite as sushi, as it will overpower the taste. Instead, ginger allows you to taste the difference between different types of sushi.

If you remember these basic rules, you will enjoy your sushi more thoroughly, as you will be able to taste the intricate flavors of your dish. Always remain respectful when talking to a sushi chef or waitress, and feel free to ask for simple requests and advice if it will make your sushi experience more enjoyable.

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