The Head Cold Conundrum

Photo by Eric C Bryan on Flickr

Sorry for the lack of updates this last week. I’ve come down with a head cold that has knocked me on my butt. I was planning on putting together Part 3 of my Japanese learning tools, but that will have to wait until next Tuesday.

Also, we’ll be travelling for business to Malaysia next week. While I hope to update as much as I can, the reality is there will probably be less activity for the next three weeks or so. Again, sorry…I won’t let it happen again :)

2 Responses to “The Head Cold Conundrum”

  1. haisah  on April 16th, 2012

    Get well soon and welcome to Malaysia.I like to read your article as my guidelines for plan my trip to Japan this coming May.

  2. Travis  on April 16th, 2012

    Thanks so much! This cold has been hanging on and turning my brain to mush. We’d love to here your experiences when you get back from Japan. Have a great trip and I know we’re going to love Malaysia!

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