What’s the Deal with Anpanman?


Photo by Eric__I_E on Flickr

You see this little dude everywhere in Japan. From packaging to toys and t-shirts, you can’t seem to get away from Anpanman. But to be honest, I had no idea who this little dude was…

Who is Anpanman, and why is he so awesome?

I came across this article today by LinguaLift all about this little red-nosed man I had been seeing everywhere. Turns out he has quite a history in Japan.

He’s made of a popular treat in Japan called anpan (アンパン). This is a pastry filled with the sweet bean paste anko (アン子). Supposedly, the creator of Anpanman was a soldier in World War 2 who spent many days in hunger, dreaming that he had anpan to munch on. Thus, the character was born.

Probably the strangest part of Anpanman is his ability to rip off pieces of his face to feed helpless forest creatures?! Check out the entire article here.

And here is the opening credits for the Anpanman cartoon. I think I like his piece of bread superhero friend best :)

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  1. Jakkurin Jactender Jakala  on May 21st, 2019

    I love Anpanman! I am from Spain!

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