Top 5 Hiking Trails in Japan

Hiking in Japan

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While my early mountain hikes more closely resembled death marches than something actually enjoyable, recently I’ve started to find a lot more pleasure in overnight hiking trips. So I was particularly interested when Stacey sent me this link to a BBC article on Japan’s top five hiking spots.

Although I have yet to do any overnight hikes in Japan (flying with all the extra equipment is just not possible), I’ve always wanted to give it a try. Japan has plenty of beautiful mountain ranges and trail networks to explore.

Whether you’re interesting in old Imperial roads or beautiful nature trails, Japan doesn’t disappoint with over 26,000 kilometres of hiking trails.

Japan is one of the hiking world’s best-kept secrets. You can go hut-to-hut in the Japan Alps, traverse the “Big Snow Mountain” of Hokkaidō, climb volcanoes in Kyūshū, or saunter the hills around Kyoto. Wherever you go, you probably will not be alone: the Japanese are very keen hikers – BBC

Here’s a site I found on some different hikes in Japan and there are several guides available including ones by Lonely Planet and one called Hiking in Japan: An Adventurer’s Guide to the Mountain Trails.

Here is the link again to the BBC article Japan’s top five hiking spots.

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