Book Review: 100えんグツズでセンスのいい


Here is another review of one of the books/magazines I purchased while in Japan. This one also came from Book-Off (link) for only 105 yen.

As you may already know, I have a thing for the Japanese hyakuen stores (dollar stores), so this was a perfect magazine for me. What is does is shows house decorating ideas and crafts based on items purchased from the dollar stores. And what made it so exciting for me, was that many of the items used I had actually seen at the dollar stores. That made it interesting for me, because I could see how cheap and easy it would be to actually make these items.

The first part of the book has one room done in different styles all done with things from the dollar store. They use the same furniture but accent it with various items purchased from the dollar store.

living room photo

livingroom photo

living room photo

Then they show you how to make the items they show.


And likely because I am just so used to crafts from the west, the crafts in the magazine just seem so original and brilliant to me. They do things I haven’t seen yet, which is great in the crafting world. Like this item here:


So clever.


The rest of the book then goes through different items that can be used in different rooms. There are ideas for children’s rooms and toys, lamp ideas, plant ideas, and here a kitchen idea:

kitchen ideas

Aside from a look at Japanese decorating, and the deals at the dollar store, this book reminds me that there is always another way to look at something. The things you are so familiar with may be used in neat, new ways if you look at it from a different view. So maybe the things in the dollar stores here in Canada will become as interesting as the things in Japan did.

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