The Complete Japanese Treats and Snacks Roundup – Part 2

Japanese treats and snacks

Photo by Sifu Renka on Flickr

Our first round is over and we’re ready to dive into the second edition of our Japanese treats and snacks roundup. Last time we had a few winners and some definite losers. Let’s see how we do in Round 2!

Lawson popcorn

Lawson Popcorn

Stacey: This is another area where you will probably want to go with Trav’s opinion rather than mine. I don’t like popcorn. He LOVES it. Popcorn in a bag is even less interesting than air popped.

Travis: Stacey has no class. Popcorn is the snack of Kings! Since finding airpop popcorn was impossible in Japan, I pretty much had to buy a bag of Lawson’s Popcorn every night. It comes in a big bag (by Japanese standards) and is dirt cheap. What’s not to love?

Pizza chips

Pizza chips

Stacey: As far as chips go, I think these were ok. My favourite chip flavours usually have a cheese flavour involved. They weren’t anything special still, but if you need a hit maybe this is the way to go?

Travis: These chips were OK but the close up photo of the scabby looking pizza-goodness kind of turned me off. However, the slightly racist guy with the Italian flag for a hat is pure win!

Meiji mushrooms

Japanese chocolate snack

Stacey: LOVE LOVE LOVE these! I mean kawaii factor alone is a win! Add the fact that I have a thing for mushroom designs, and I probably would have liked it if it tasted like plastic. Even the box was pretty cute. I find meiji chocolate to be the nicest, so these with the chocolate top and pretzel stem were great. These were probably my 3rd most favourite treat in Japan.

Travis: I hate mushrooms. Mushrooms are a fungus. I am pretty sure whoever the first person was who decided to put a mushroom in his mouth was criminally insane. But I hear you say “These aren’t really mushrooms. These are made of chocolate with a crunchy and delicious pretzel stem!” I say, take your mushroom lover agenda and hit the road!

Butter Sable Cookies

Japanese cookies

Stacey: I wasn’t sure about these in the store and I was kind of giving up on cookies in Japan, but we got them to try. The “sable” part confused me, but I ended up liking these. I prefer them to the choco chips cookies. They are more like a shortbread maybe or a tea cookie. A nice cookie.

Travis: The dictionary defines sable as: A marten (Martes zibellina) with a short tail and dark brown fur, native to Japan and Siberia and valued for its fur.

Sounds delicious!

P.S. They’re even better with butter!

Little poops in a bag

Japanese treats

Stacey: These look terrifying. We would never have bought them. A friend however, got them for us to try. Really, really good. They are kind of like a burnt sugar crispy thing. I quite enjoyed them, and look at them! It’s so funny to think these things are good :)

Travis: When our friend made us buy these I thought she was trying to subtly say that our friendship was now over. However, these brown sugary, crunchy tubes are disturbingly delicious. I recommend bringing this back from Japan as a gift to give out to friends and enemies alike.

Galbo Balls

Galbo balls

Stacey: Great name, right! :) I think that is why we got them. They didn’t leave much of an impression on me. So I think they are fine, but not special enough to purchase again.

Travis: Ahh…what could be better than sitting back and enjoying some Galbo Balls? Almost anything apparently.

2 Responses to “The Complete Japanese Treats and Snacks Roundup – Part 2”

  1. Shani  on December 21st, 2011

    Ahaha, these ones are even better!! I love the mushrooms too Stacey, so kawaii! The poop things were fantastic, love that they even tasted good! So happy Travis that you got to have some popcorn in Japan even! That reminds me of the giant bag of popcorn my grandparents would by…salty styrofoam bits, but who could turn it away?

  2. sasksak  on December 27th, 2011

    yayayay Shani! mushroom treats! Glad you enjoyed the poop treats saga. =)

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