The Complete Japanese Treats and Snacks Roundup – Part 1

Japanese treats and snacks

While we were in Japan we were exposed to a ton of new and strange foods. Since we both enjoy the occasional treat, we found ourselves on a mission to discover all the wonderful, and sometimes bizarre treats that Japan had to offer.

Here’s is the first part of our Japanese treat exploration.

Choco Chips Cookies

Japanese treats

Stacey: These are like the cheap cookies in the cookie aisle. The kind grandma used to buy. They are ok if you need a cookie hit, but nothing special compared to cookies back home.

Travis: If you’re a fan of hard, flavourless chocolatey chip cookies…then do I have the cookie for you!

Dars Bitter Chocolate

Dars Chocolate Bar

Stacey: I love dark chocolate. In Japan it was my go to treat. There was a nice variety of dark chocolate bars. And while any dark chocolate is a good idea, this wasn’t my favourite of the options available.

Travis: I, on the other hand, do not like dark chocolate. I’m a milk chocolate man through and through. So in the case of this Japanese chocolate bar, let’s just say that more than just the chocolate was bitter.

Petit Chocopie

Choco Pie

Stacey: Tread carefully around the chocopie territory. They can be quite good or rather bad. They look like wagon wheels but are a bit different. The petit chocopies were a win, I believe….there were a few with similar names so it is hard to keep them straight.

Travis: I spent most of our trip searching for the elusive king of Choco Pies. There was one with a superior creamy filling and another with a yucky marshmallow filling. 9 out of 10 times I bought the marshmallow filled ones by mistake. I still can’t remember which filling these Choco Pie had in them. It is clear that I have learned nothing!

Meiji Apollo

Japanese treats

Stacey: These things are awesome! I loved them! I wasn’t sure about the strawberry part, something that can turn out good or gross. But these were done perfectly! I don’t know if I even shared with Travis because I didn’t think he would appreciate them enough to be worthy to eat them =)

Travis: How would you feel about a seeing a grown man enjoying a box of cute little strawberry treats? I couldn’t say either, because they were always gone before I got to them!

Lawson’s Tortilla Chips – Chili Flavor

Japanese chips

Stacey: Kind of like a dorito taco chip. I really like Doritos and was in the mood for some. These didn’t really hit the spot. Didn’t get them again.

Travis: I think Dorito-style chips smell like dirty feet and taste about the same. I realize that it now sounds like I’m experienced in the subtle flavors of dirty feet…no comment!

Rich Cut Potato Chips

Rich Cut Potato Chips

Stacey: Ok, this was one of those, “Wha!? Japan is so crazy I just have to try it” things. I was thinking….it could work..maybe, in the salty + sweet, chocolate covered pretzel way….Wrong. These are wrong. But funny =)

Travis: Let’s imagine the thinking that went into these potato chips. If people like potato chips and people like chocolate, surely they’ll like potato chips drizzled with chocolate, right?! Wrong. So wrong.


Japanese potato chips

Stacey: I have the sweet tooth, Trav prefers salty treats, so his opinion is likely more meaningful than mine. These I don’t really remember, hot chips bore me after one or two. Also the creepy granny or whatever that is at the bottom makes me uncomfortable.

Travis: I love spicy potato chips. So when I saw this little dude on the package looking like he’s in the throes of some kind of spicy-induced pain, I had to buy it. Sadly I never really found good Japanese spicy chips. Thanks for nothing little dude!

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  1. Shani  on December 17th, 2011

    Hahaha, so good! I love how many you tried while there. I’m sure there were even more. Most of those minus the strawberry ones looked not so good. Very interesting!

  2. sasksak  on December 19th, 2011

    yeah, you have to get used to how things look and new brands. However, just in case you are confused, I only ate all those treats for research…..that’s all.=)…really

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