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I love a deal. So I loved shopping Japan’s hyaku yen stores (dollar stores). I found that they had an awesome selection of things, from household to crafty things to food items. I also found that they were generally really good quality for the price you paid (105 yen generally).

The 100 Yen Store

The dollar stores here in Canada, are very hit and miss with a lot more in the miss category than hits. The item may have been cheap, but it also was built cheap, so that it breaks within a use or two, or doesn’t even work to begin with. In contrast, the hyaku yen stores seem to carry decent stuff that would actually last for a bit. Also they have all kinds of cute and kawaii items for only 100 yen!!!

There are a few different hyaku yen stores in Japan, but my favourite ended up being Seria. It was just a block or two from where we were staying, and I could spend an hour there without too much trouble.

Here is a sampling of the sort of products available that I purchased. Each item was 105 yen.

Crafty things: buttons, beads, broach pins:

More Crafty Type Things: monograms, name plates:

Cute Stuff & Stuff for Learning: a book to practice basic kanji and kawaii stickers:

Yet More Crafty Things! Hirigana stamps, fancy tape, and crocheted lace:

Kitchen stuff: hot mitt, spoon rest, spatula and clips:

Toiletries: hairband and nailpolish:

More kitcheny stuff: a sushi roller, fried egg shaper:

So many handy, useful cute things to purchase. There were also some dry goods available: drinks, chips, chocolate, and our favourite -honey roasted peanuts. We needed to purchase a couple dishes and cutlery, and Trav needed a splitter for the computer and we were able to purchase all these items for only 105 yen each. And they were always updating their stock, so there were always new things to look at.

To find one here are some store locations.

And of course all my bento stuff was purchased at Seria.

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  1. Cristal  on November 14th, 2011

    Looks like you had fun in the dollar store in Japan!

  2. sasksak  on November 22nd, 2011

    Hey Cristal! nice to hear from you and yes, I went like every day!=)

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