Japan Crafting: Magazine Review

Japan crafting magazine

Other keepsakes I brought back from Japan were a few copies of a magazine named Stitch Ideas. (ステッキ idees). Magazines and books are really some of my favourite keepsakes from our visit to Japan. I find them so lovely to review and then to make something from them is another way to have a little keepsake of Japan.

Sute-chi Ideas magazine is an embroidery magazine. It has many embroidery patterns to use in a wide variety of styles. I really like that no matter the mood you are in there is something likely to catch your fancy in each issue.

Japan crafts

Japan craft magazine

Japan crafts

It also includes basic sewing ideas and patterns.

Japan crafts sewing

Japan crafts sewing

As a lover of all things Japanese, I really liked the feature showcasing one embroider’s style with sample patterns and projects from their own home. It allows me to see how the crafty decorate their home. It also gives me ideas for my own home.

One thing I find interesting about home décor in Japan, is that they seem to use a lot of small items to decorate. Here in Canada, it would almost be considered clutter, but seen in the magazine and in person, one can’t help but appreciate the delicate sweetness of it all….and I do love miniatures, so there was really no chance of me not liking it =)

Japan crafts

Japan crafting

Japanese crafts

And since the title always includes the artist’s name-eg. Tomoko’s style, I find I am becoming a lot more familiar with Japanese names. They are becoming easier to identify when I see or hear them and to discern which is a girl’s name and which is a boy’s.

And finally it includes the patterns to copy from and a nice stitch dictionary in each issue.

Japan cute crafts

The price is about 1000 yen for an issue, however I got a deal. Once again, I went to my favourite second hand book store and got older copies for 105 yen! Hurray for me!

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