Cute Stuff: My First Bento Part 3

Japanese Bento lunch

A few weeks ago, I made my first bento with my friend Yuka. It was a great success. Here I will review a few of the items I purchased in Japan for a bento lunch.

I bought all the pieces included here at a Hyaku-yen store, or a Japanese dollar store. I love hyaku-yen stores! Everything here cost just 105 yen each! Deals! And I found the overall quality to be quite good, better than most of the dollar store items here in Canada.

First of all you have to have a bento box for a bento meal.(yep, it’s true) So I bought these two.

bento containers

They are actually child size, but I found if we had filled it up with everything we had made, it would have been enough for a lunch for me. Not sure if it would be enough for the husband. The green on is stacked as if it was holding a lunch. The blue one is packed up as if the lunch has been finished.

Here are the pieces included:

bento containers

The first is a shallower container, plus a lid, then the larger container with the lid and a little space there to hold chopsticks, and finally the lid. So it keeps all nice and airtight.

Then to hold it all together, I got the elastics.

bento elastic

I also got a couple of adorable little sets of cutlery to go with it. My husband was thrilled with the child sized items =) This was his set:

bento fork and knife

And this is my set:

bento box

(At least I refrained my adorable little animals on his set=) So each bento box was 105 yen and each cutlery set was 105 yen. For my first bento lunch, we were just eating it at home as soon as it was finished, so I didn’t really, truly get to use my bento box and cutlery yet.

To make the onigiri,

onigiri in cat shape

I had these little containers. They are silicon and so can go in the microwave. There is even a tiny cake recipe to make to fill one container.

onigiri cat shape form

To make our veggie and cheese bits,

bento vegetable shapes

we used this cute little cutting set.

bento shapes

And finally, instead of chopsticks or forks, we used these (can I use cute again, or is that too many times in one post? =) adorable picks.

bento picks

It was so much fun to make and eat. I hope to make one with my niece, and maybe go for a picnic next (and thus use the bento boxes for real =)

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  1. Shani  on September 13th, 2011

    Very cute!! Yes, you should plan to use it for real!

  2. sasksak  on September 13th, 2011

    for reals shani!

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