High Tech Japanese Vending Machines

I was recently reading in a back issue of Hiragana Times about some high tech vending machines that have started showing up around Tokyo.

Machines that see

What’s cool about this machines is their large digital touch display and equipped camera. The machine can supposedly tell if you are a man or woman, your age, what the weather is like, the time of day and other factors that will help it decide what type of drink you should buy.

“If the customer is a man, the machine is likely to recommend a canned coffee drink, since men tend to prefer these. If the customer is in their 50s, though, that recommendation is likely to be green tea,” a company spokeswoman said.

A woman in her 20s will be recommended a tea drink or slightly sweeter product, since market research has shown that they prefer these. – House of Japan

Although I haven’t seen any of these machines in action, I wonder what type of drink it would recommend for a foreigner? Since a lot of Japanese drinks are heavy on the healthy and rank low of the “tastes good” scale, I image it would have trouble picking out drinks for me.

My online Japanese teacher recently told me that she was enjoying a nice drink of black vinegar and plum. Umm….yuk!

Here are some videos of these machines in action:

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  1. Secretjapanese Hiroshi Montana  on August 30th, 2011

    You know this vending machine?

    Coca Cola Free style怀in Haneda airport.

    You can enjoy 112 flavor drinks.

    For example, lime flavor coke.


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