Cute Stuff From Japan: My First Bento Part 2

Photo by Sakurako Kitsa on Flickr

A visiting friend from Japan recently helped me make my first bento. (see part 1 here). Here is the rest of what we put in the bento.

Sausage Crabs

Unfortunately, we didn’t have any hot dogs at the time of the bento making. I was rather sad about that because, I love those little octopi sausages they make. Yuka feeling sad for me, went to all the trouble of cutting crab shapes out of kielbasa for me and grilling them up. What a sweetie!


Now in Part 1, I told you to stay tuned for more on the boiling eggs in one of the pictures. This was an adorable and easy thing to make for the bento. We again got the idea from this book.

It had a recipe to make lovely tulips by dying hard boiled eggs with good colouring. It called for quail eggs, again something I didn’t have, so we just did chicken eggs. I boiled them and shelled them and put them in water with red food colouring. In the book it said it would take about three minutes but I must not have put enough colouring in, because it took more like 15 minutes to get a nice pink shade. I was thrilled though! It actually worked and was soooo easy!

Then I tried to do that diagonal cutting to get the top to look like a tulip. It ended up being really easy. Just cut at one angle then another angle. Cut deep enough so that you are getting to the centre. Then it comes apart perfectly without a problem. I also cut the halves in half again, so that they had a flat side to sit on.

For leaves it called for snap peas, which happily, I had growing just outside the house.

I think this was my favourite item out of a bento full of adorable things. I loved that it was so healthy and low calorie, but easy and sooo cute!

Bunny Niblets

The final touch to our bento was simple cut out shapes of bunnies and carrots. We used cheddar cheese, cucumber,and orange pepper. We had parsley for the carrot tops. And Yuka, again, goes above and beyond, by carefully cutting the eyes out for the bunnies! They were quite quick and easy to make (aside from the eyes) and made a cute addition to the meal.

The Final Product

And here is the beno with all its various items.

How did I find my first bento making experience? First off, it was fun. Making kawaii food is so much fun, and it is pleasing with every item to see how perfect they turned out. Secondly, it took awhile. I think with the two of us working on it, it took us 2 hours. Of course, we were making bentos for 3, and we were kind of learning as we went along, but I don’t think the newbie will be able to make one quick enough for it to be a regular lunch idea….maybe with more leftovers.

AS for flavour, it was good. Sausage, hard boiled eggs, rice, a bit of cheese and veggies was a very nutritional meal. And while I have a bad sweet tooth, the fact that it was all so adorable made eating healthy really fun =)

The sizes of bento boxes I used were child size. Also we didn’t fill them up as we wanted them to look their cutest. But if they had been full, like having the rest of the egg and a bit more sausage, it would have been the perfect amount for a lunch.

So all in all, I will certainly be making more kawaii bentos in the future maybe with my niece. Also, it is a really great way for me to enjoy healthy eating!

There will be one more part in the Bento series on the boxes and tools we used to make the meal, so stay tuned!

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  1. Shani  on August 14th, 2011

    Those are so kawaii! I like that Yuka always went above and beyond with those cute extra touches. Nice job. It does look like something that is time consuming…not for me, but I did enjoy hearing about it:)

  2. sasksak  on August 23rd, 2011

    Thanks for the comment Shani. Yes, I’d agree. It’s really for special occasions, well, at least ones that kawaii.=)

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