Fujiya Hotel Hakone

During our visit to the resort area of Hakone, we happened upon one of the most interesting hotels in Japan – Fujiya. Built in 1878, Fujiya is a delightful opportunity to experience some of Japan’s prewar and modern history.


If you’re looking to get away from the busyness of Tokyo and maybe catch a glimpse of Mount Fuji, you can’t go wrong with a trip to the Hakone area.

Hakone is one of the most popular sightseeing areas in Japan. With Mt. Fuji as its backdrop and featuring Ashino-ko Lake, intriguing museums and traditional hotels and ryokans, Hakone’s varied geographical feaures and famous hot springs (onsens) are must experiences for all travelers.

If nature is your thing, Hakone will not disappoint. With its many lakes, mountains and natural settings, Hakone is quite literally a breath of fresh air from some of Japans more concrete covered “natural” areas.


Walking into the Fujiya Hakone is like taking a trip into the early 19th century. You can feel the hotels rich past in it’s dark woods and beautiful design.

The hotel swimming pool and Mermaid bath alone take you back to a time of traveling dignitaries, and can’t help feeling like a member of the Rat Pack when you cozy up to the hotel’s Victoria bar. If you love history, the Fujiya Hakone will not disappoint.

The Fujiya has attracted celebrities, business persons and travelers for many years. Visitors have included Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin to Helen Keller and John Lennon. Once you stay here you’ll realize why they came.

Food and Room Rates

We visited Hakone shortly after the great Tohoku earthquake, so tourism was really hurting. I don’t know how much this affected our room rate, but we got a fantastic deal only paying a little over $120 per night and we even got a free upgrade.

The hotel is ultra fancy so we felt a little out of place coming in with our backpacks and casual clothing. We hadn’t really planned on stay in the Fujiya, but the awesome room rates sealed the deal. Next time I would dress up a little more even though the staff never made us feel uncomfortable.

As part of your room rate you can include dinner at either the French or traditional Japanese restaurants nearby. If you have never had a Japanese kaiseki meal before, then I highly recommend springing the $150 and going for it. While some of the food you’ll be severed may be unusual, don’t be a wimp and opt for the safe French meal. You can eat good French food anywhere, when are you going to have an opportunity to eat amazingly presented Japanese kaiseki?


Here are a few videos for you to look at about Fujiya. The first video is one we took from our visit.

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  1. Yukari Sakamoto  on July 19th, 2011

    This is a popular hotel with the locals. It is also famous for its curry rice.

  2. Travis  on July 20th, 2011

    I never tried the rice. I’ll have to go back again and try it :)

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