Cute Things From Japan: Sewing Book Review

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So I guess you get the idea that my favourite souvenirs are books…lots of books. I like that I can remember where I bought them, and they aren’t just a knickknack, but rather actual useful information. And hopefully, the information in that book showcases Japan in some way.

Obviously, one of my favourite parts of Japan is the crafts. And so I have yet another crafting book review. This one is: Cute Felt Mascot Easy (as translated by Google). Its proper Japanese name is: かんたんかわいいフェルトのマスコッ

I’m not a great seamstress. In fact, I’m quite proud when I can sew a decent seam. This book attracted me because it looked simple and mainly handsewn projects. This book was also purchased at a fabric shop that I will write more about at some later date. The cost of the book was only 840 yen. I thought that was pretty good considering the amount of projects in it and the detailed instructions. Again the instructions are in Japanese, but the images in the step by steps are quite detailed. There are only a few words used to describe what is being done, few enough that translating wouldn’t be a difficult chore.

Again the amount of cute in this book is ridiculous. And it likely comes as no surprise to you that the matryshka dolls were a big draw for me.

But that is just the icing on the cake.

The animals are cute cute cute!

And these pictures are just a small portion of all the cute animals. There are a couple non-animal projects, but I would say the majority is of an animal of some type.

There is the odd fail: These peanuts for example just kind of freak me out.

And while I normally adore mushrooms, these just don’t do it for me.

Additionally there are some nice basic instructions on the stitches to use to make the critters and a bit on cutting out a pattern. An adorable and useful book.

And how can you not love a book with covers like this:


Love it =)

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  1. Shani  on July 8th, 2011

    That is pretty cute. I like that you have gotten a lot of Matryshka doll things. Funny that it is sucha hit there.

  2. sasksak  on July 13th, 2011

    thanks shani! Yeah, by the end I was like…I think i actually have enough matryshka doll stuff.=)

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