Fuji Guest House Hakone – Ryokan Review

Fuji Guest House

During our wonderful visit to Hakone, we stayed in the Fuji Guest House Ryokan. Nestled in the mountains around Mount Fuji, Hokone is famous for their onsen and lovely ryokan.

Fuji Guest House

Hakone is a top tourist destination for both Japanese and foreigners as it is home to several active volcanoes. Hakone is blessed with hot underground streams that are piped into the many onsens in the area.

We stopped over night at the Fuji Guest House to experience these hot springs first hand.

The Fuji Guest House is easily accessed using one of Hakone’s many bus lines. Taking a bus to the Senkyoro-Mae Bus Stop will get you within a short walk from the ryokan. A bus schedule can be picked up from Hakone Yumoto Station at their information booth.

Whether you take a bus directly from the station or, as we did, explore the area first and then take bus from Togendai near Hakone Lake, is up to you. For further instructions, please see the Fuji Guest House website. Or to reserve a room click here.

The ryokan is nestle out of the way through a grove of trees and is centrally located around several dining options. The Fuji Guest House staff is extremely friendly, speaking English, Chinese and French. They will happily tell you where restaurants are and have several menus available to help you choose. We choose a Japanese home style restaurant that was about a 10 -15 minute walk away and throughly enjoyed sitting on their raised tatami floors enjoying a wonderful home cooked Japanese meal.

The hot spring baths

The inn has both an indoor and outdoor private bath. You can book either bath for 30 minute intervals and have it all to yourself. We saw that the bath was booked mostly early in the night so we had it free from 7:00pm on. We ended up staying 1hr since no one had booked anything after us. We enjoyed a leisurely soak in the hot mineral waters while enjoying a few beers purchased from a nearby Family Mart.

Fuji Guest House

The ryokan provides yukata that can be worn in your room or while visiting the outdoor bath. They did warn us, however, not to go walking the streets in our robes :P

The rooms

We stayed in room #7, the Kikiyo which I highly recommend you reserve if it is available. The room includes a little sun room with a sink and a couple chairs that allow you to look out over the bamboo forest below. It was a great tatami room that had no problem fitting two large futons.

Fuji Guest House

The rooms are traditional ryokan style with the tatami mats, low table for tea, and sliding windows or doors. Sitting in your robe sipping green tea will make you feel like one of the many travelers of old who use to walk the nearby Tōkaidō road on their way to visit the capital in Edo.

Fuji Guest House

Here’s a little video we put together about the guest house:

Rooms are available for about 5,250-6,300 (Yen) for singles and 10,500-12,600 (Yen) for doubles.

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  1. Dustin  on August 31st, 2012

    Walking in robes in the street is half of the fun !!

  2. Travis  on August 31st, 2012

    You’re right Dustin. I should have ditched the robe like they wanted and tried without :P

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