Book Review: NHK Marutoku Magazine

NHK Marutoku Magazine

NHKまる得マガジン, 自分を磨く立ち居振る舞い スマートなマナー
(translation by Google: NHK Marutoku Magazine – Hone their deportment and manners Smart)

I love NHK. It is Japan’s public broadcasting network. Of course, I do like most countries public broadcasting networks, but I digress. The NHK has published a book on manners and deportment.

I took one look at Marutoku Magazine and had to have it. Isn’t that a cute cover? And it was only 571 yen, so nice and affordable. I purchased it at a very large bookstore, which I will write about after I write about all the stuff I got that I love =)

Here is the Google translation of the books description:

The casual concern,
Nice to you too!

Walk, sit and poise the way, is often used to treat materials such as glass and jackets in public, you can often look beautiful product, “movements” is introduced.And listen to the story, visiting a friend’s house and business scene, from a variety of reading this scene, the people have a favorable impression, “consideration” covers the point.

And so that is what the book does, it goes through the proper way to sit, the proper way to hold a cup, the proper way to fold your jacket and carry it over your arm. It is just well, so amazing. I don’t know if another culture would still put out a book like this. If you know of anything like that in your country…a book of the proper way to do all the basic things, let me know.

Japanese manners

Anyway, the pictures are a gas. So perfect, so precise. I love them. And it is interesting to learn how to get out of a car properly in a skirt.

Japanese manners

The other thing that is great about this book, is that some aspects of it are purely Japanese culture. It shows the proper way to go from slippers to shoes, or vise versa. It shows the correct angle to bow to an older person, and the proper way to slide a gift over to someone. It is really interesting to learn these things. We who love Japan, love to know those little details of their culture that differ from ours.

This book is only in Japanese. I don’t know if you can order it off the NHK site or But here is the ISBN number just in case: 978-4-14-827180-5.

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