Cute Things From Japan: Wool Felting

Japanese Wool Felting

Book review: フェルト羊毛でつくる かわいいプチ雑貨

Or as Google translates it to English: Easy first shotgun! Cute petite wool felt to make goods. (Thank goodness my first shotgun will be an easy one.)

So another book review or as I like to call it, “a great excuse for me to talk about the stuff I bought and get all excited about it.”

I got this book at a fabric store which I will likely get around to writing about at some point, but since I didn’t buy the store I’m not as interested in it =)

I love crafts, all crafts. I like to try them all at least once, but mostly, I try them all, get hooked, and then have a billion hobbies and all the accompanying stuff. And so when it came to wool felting, I had decided to hold off for a bit. I had enough crafty goodness on my plate waiting to be finished. I didn’t really have time to add another one and I’m usually pretty good at sticking to that. (Why then do I have a billion hobbies if I am so good at it….shush shush shush go to sleep, you are getting sleepy) (I try that on my husband too =) The point though, is that the cuteness of Japanese craft is so overwhelming powerful, I really didn’t have any choice.

How can you fight back against :

Japanese Wool Felting

Felted matryshka dolls….and one even holding a mushroom?! You can’t.

Japanese Wool Felting

Or a laundry set?

Japanese Wool Felting

Or a sewing machine with sewing dummy?

Like I said before….you can’t. The cuteness makes your brain go numb and before you know it, it has given you super powers to convince your husband what a great idea it would be purchase this book. Basically, all I had to see was the cover and I was sold.

As I had time to look through it, I was pleased with my purchase. The book is in Japanese. Howevever, I have noticed they give such detailed photographed instructions, I can usually figure most of it out from that. Additionally, I’m hoping it will encourage me to practice my Japanese and translate some it.

The presentation pictures of the items are so lovely set up, it’s a joy just to look at all the pictures. But the instructions are really good:

Japanese Wool Felting

Japanese Wool Felting

There is also a series of pictures at the back on some of the basic shapes to be made with wool felting. So we’ll see if it is enough for me to learn. I’m not that worried because you can always get the basics online somewhere and get your details and projects from this lovely book.

I’ve never felted wool before…well I’ve never needle felted wool…actually I may not have even felted wool yet. Hmmm, that’s another craft I have to get around to also. But don’t worry, I never let a silly thing like ignorance slow me down! As to when I will get around to attempting a project from this book, I’m not sure….but I’ve already enjoyed the book so much, I’m already really happy I bought it.

The book was 690 yen. The ISBN no is 978-4-529-04848-4. I haven’t tried ordering off this site and don’t know if they ship outside of Japan. If anyone tries, let me know.

You also can try and order it from I’ve never done that yet either, so feel free to share any tips or adventure stories about that.
And in conclusion I would like to quote another google translation from the description of the book:

Come and enjoy the fluffiness.

(how can I not?=)

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  1. sarah del chan  on October 11th, 2014


    Heads up ordering off of Amazon, just use google translate, it’s pretty straightforward :)

    Just wanted to make a bridge to your article from more cute felted things made in Japan.
    A Japanese photographer and Belgian Illustrator have made a super cute international cookbook with felted animal characters :) It’s called “Kata’s Cookbook” Pls Check it out ^^

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