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I put a lot of effort into planning our survival kit this trip. Let’s see how it all worked out.



Extra socks, underwear, top: This was a very, very good idea. Wow, was I needing some fresh clothes after about 20 hours of flight and 14 still to go.

Slippers: I did use these on the first 14 hour flight, but I could have lived without them. The socks provided in the airline care package were enough.

A hat: I actually did not end up using the hat much. What I did use ended up being much better.(see baby powder)


Snacks: I took some fruit leather type things. This was a very good idea. Some of our flights didn’t leave a lot of time before we exited one plane and had to be on another. And since they were shorter flights they didn’t provide meals. Then we were really happy to have something quick to snack on.

Water: “This is pretty much a no-brainer.” I said in the first article, and yet guess who didn’t bring water. As it turned out it was ok though, we just kept our eyes open for drinking fountains and made sure we didn’t forget to drink enough to stay hydrated.


Eye Mask: Turns out I don’t really need an eye mask to sleep. Travis did though, so it was good that we brought one for him. Also the little care packages on the plane had eye masks in them. They were of cheap quality, but I think I would have been fine just using those.

Ear Plugs: Again they provided this on our Qatar flights, and again I realized I don’t really need ear plugs to sleep either. I can fall asleep fairly easily on a plane. Just a bit of gravel and I am out for the count.

Pillow: So we tried the fancy tear drop pillow. I did like it, and used it a bit. But once again, I’d just rather squish up the pillow they provided. The tear drop shaped pillow I found to be much better than the usual around the neck one, but I still preferred something a bit squishier and mouldable. Travis really liked his though, and was actually able to sleep on the plane. He has mentioned some kind of ball type one that you lean on to sleep. I’ve noticed this seems to be the way I sleep the best, so I may try one of these next time.



Tissue: Finally remembered to bring some, and it made all the difference in the world. Kept it in an easy access place, which made life easier.

Hair Tie, Band Aids, Safety Pin: Hair ties I used to keep my nasty hair out of the way, and band aids were helpful a couple days after the flight when I got blisters.

Wet Wipes: These ended up being very helpful. While I was trying to clean up a bit in between flights I was able to give myself a quick wipe down while in a bathroom stall. I didn’t maybe have to bring as many as I did, just 3 or 4 individually packaged ones would have been enough.

Travel Sized Deodorant: Yes, bring it.

Basic makeup & comb: Yes, I needed these badly, also. I didn’t bring much makeup, just eyeliner, concealer and lipstick. It wasn’t much but it made a big difference on my pale face that you cannot see without some markings pointing out various features.

Chap stick and moisturizers: Thank goodness I brought these. Man, it gets so dry on those planes. Made a lot of use of the chapstick and Trav needed moisturizers on his hands.


Medication with note from doctor: Didn’t need to use this but wouldn’t fly without it, just in case.

Pain Reliever: I didn’t end up needing this but Trav did, so good to have.

Sleep Aid: First off, don’t bring the gravel that is anti-drowsy.=) Usually gravel works just fine for me, unless I bring the anti-drowsy type. Oops. Happily, Travis brought an over the counter sleep aid, and that did me good.


Pen: Always need the pen and putting it in a quick to access area, without having to unzip or open stuff helped a lot.

Addresses of places you will be staying: Had these in an easy to reach spot and we made good use of the info. Glad I had it.

Small Flashlight: This I am not sure about. I actually did end up using it once. When the plane was all dark for sleeping, I needed to find something on the floor. I was able to find it easily with the little flashlight. Still, don’t know if I would bother.

Activities: Barely ended up using any activities, basically watched the shows on the screen, slept, or sat there in a daze.


Baby Powder: My sister had told me about this a couple times, but I didn’t quite believe her. But I tucked some in the carry on just in case. Wow! While doing a change and clean up between flights, I decided to see if I could fix the hair. My hair looked bad….really bad. Like is your hair wet or greasy bad. (It was greasy.) So I sprinkled some baby powder over it, massaged it through a bit, and then combed it out.

Wow, what a difference. It was like 100x better. And the powder worked fine, I wouldn’t bother with the dry shampoos that they may not let you take on anyway with the aerosol. My hair didn’t look greasy at all.

A couple of side points about it. It did make my hair quite fly away, but I just tucked it in a pony tail and it was fine. It did lighten my hair slightly. I have blonde hair and that was fine, I don’t know if it would make darker hair look grey or just weird. You may want to try it before hand.


I didn’t lack for anything. So I was really happy with the effort I put into planning the carry-on bag. There were a few things I didn’t end up using that I would remove or take a lesser amount of. While it was great to have everything there at hand, having a rather heavy purse was a pretty big pain. I think I would try and make it a bit lighter.

All in all though, I was pretty pleased with my packing.

5 Responses to “SURVIVAL KIT REVIEW”

  1. Sasksak  on March 3rd, 2011

    One more thing that ended up being a really good item to have along: a pashmina. It was a nice blue one, with a bit of wool in it.
    I’ve ended up using it quite a bit, both thru the flights and after.
    On the airplane, just as a little bit more for cover when it was cool. I would also use it as a scarf to go with my coat, or in warmer climes as a shawl.
    A pashmina will definitely be on my carry on travel kit from now on.

  2. steeky  on March 4th, 2011

    i found this site by accident and it has everything i was looking for last week about what to pack for japan. thank you very much!!!!

  3. Sasksak  on March 5th, 2011

    Oh I am so happy to know that steeky! Thanks for letting me know. It just made my day!

  4. esraa  on April 23rd, 2012

    same as steeky, I am traveling to yokohoma in 10 days and I dont know a bit of japanese :S…This website is helping me alot …Thankful :D

  5. sasksak  on April 25th, 2012

    I’m so happy to hear that esraa! I know I even find it helpful to check back,it makes it way easier to pack for any long flight. I don’t have to think it all out each time now.

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