Beyond Ramen – Some Other Japanese Restaurants

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So in interviewing my Japanese friend currently in Canada about ramen, (link to) she also added a bit more info on other restaurants and a bit on grocery shopping too.

Here is what she said in her words:

Well, I want to introduce my favorite fastfood shop.

Mos Burger

MOS BURGER (at City walk) – there is this adorable burger running across the top of the page, is there any way you can capture it for this article?

Address: 6-2-61 Shimaya, Konohana-ku, Osaka-shi

The nearest station is “Universal city”station.

As you know from address, this shop is close to “Universal Studio Japan”.

Mos burger is not as cheap as McDonald, but absolutely much better than McD.

Mos Burger has various hamburgers, shrimp burgers, rice burgers and hot dogs and even fries and onion rings. While I will certainly be eating a lot of Japanese food, checking out their fast food restaurants and interpretations of western foods will be very fun.

Another restaurant she mentioned was an Italian style one:

My favorite restaurant is “Saizeriya サイゼリヤ”.

Japan restaurants

It is a cheap Italian restaurant.
I checked their homepage and confirmed there are 64 Saizeriya in Osaka. I hope that you find it and try Milanese doria. It is very cheap and GOOD!!
I hope you can find and eat at one of them.

Saizeriya has pizza, and pasta dishes and is as cheap as my friend promises. The Doria Milanese is listed as costing only 299 yen! Pretty good indeed!

Knowing that there will certainly be some lazy days in Japan, I asked if they delivered.

Now, I answer your latest question. Saizeriya doesn’t deliver. There are a lot of restaurants in Osaka, but there are a few ones which give the service.

ガスト(Gusto) delivers some dishes. You can order them by internet, but only Japanese.

ガスト is very common chain restaurant. When you go there, you can eat both of western style and Japanese meals with reasonable prices. You may try.

And finally here were some suggestions for groceries stores:

To get groceries or everday items, you should go to “don kihote”(ドンキホーテ:Don Xihote). The address is 3-13-1 Benten, Minato-ku, Osaka-shi. It is between Asashio-bashi station and Benten-cho station. You may walk 500 meters. This is one of famous chainstores and very cheap. You can buy anything there.

Your apartment is in port area, so I can’t find any big shops or stores. However there are some convenience stores around your building. (for example: Lawson, family-mart and Daily Yamazaki) They open for 24 hours and you can buy foods.

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  1. ben  on February 2nd, 2012

    I love Mos Burger too but I think Burger King is better. That Whopper is delicious. I live in Sapporo and there are no Burger Kings here so when my friends come to visit from Tokyo I tell them to bring me a Whopper!

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