The Long Haul Flight – What We Learned

Qatar Airplane taking off

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So we survived the 36 hours in the air. By the end it was getting pretty gross, but we were both in better shape than we expected to be. Here are some of the things that I think helped me get through it.


The flight itself was ridiculous. I think we decided we won’t be doing that again. But at the time, for the savings it seemed like a good idea. So first off, decide what you can handle. I think both of us, really prep ourselves to be ready to handle this. So just having your mind ready is important.

Also we both tried to make the flight an actual fun part, something to look forward to. Before a trip, it is always so hectic, that I kept telling myself how lovely it will be to sit for all those hours and just be served. Travis told himself, it was the beginning of the trip and everything was going to go so fast, he better enjoy every part of it. So the flight for him was holiday, and thus to be enjoyed.

Other things that helped was that it was broken up in my mind a bit. In the first leg, my brother was going to stop by. So I was looking forward to getting to see him. The next leg, feel our first shot of heat. Then getting to fly on Qatar airlines, an award winning flight service and land in the Middle East. All those things really helped us to not just survive the flights, but enjoy them.

Of course, by the last leg it was just survival mode….but it wasn’t until then that we were bothered by anything at all.

Timing the Flights


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I think the other thing that helped, is that our flights were really well timed. Or if they weren’t, we planned how to use the time. For instance, in one airport we had a 7 hour wait until our next flight. That is where we made plans to meet up with my brother and do breakfast together. The time just flew then.

Other than that, our travel agent had booked things with good timing. We would often have just enough time for a bit of a sit down and then through customs and onto the plane. One note: when flying from Canada through the States, customs takes a long time. So make sure you give yourself time for that, but they were also saying you couldn’t go through if your flight wasn’t leaving in two hours. So give yourself time, but going really early won’t help you. Just be ready for really long lines, taking off your shoes and your bags getting swabbed. Our bags were pretty full, and I think that led to us getting swabbed…like three times I think. It was all fine though.

Other Things

Kindle in Moleskein

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I think making sure you know how you will use your time helps a lot. Having a schedule even. I keep a journal, so that takes a good portion of time. I also brought some crocheting to do, (I brought a large sized hook in plastic, and no one even asked to look at it) a Martha Stewart Living magazine and a Kindle. Just before we left our family got us a Kindle for our anniversary. It has been a godsend. I downloaded 39 books onto it before we leave and Trav downloaded 14 or so. These were all mainly classics and thus free. Although he did buy the Japan Travel guide, which saved a good amount of weight. He got an Osaka map for free too. So this thing saved us all kinds of packing weight. And it does have such a good screen. I love how you can read it perfectly in the sun. Thanks again, family!

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  1. kim  on February 22nd, 2011

    Nice Tips! What a nice family you have :)

  2. Sasksak  on February 25th, 2011

    I know hey! pretty great family and friends.

  3. Shani  on February 26th, 2011

    Good tips, I too am impressed at how well you both did with that long of a flight! So nice to know you enjoy the Kindle so much :)

  4. Sasksak  on February 27th, 2011

    thanks shani! Yeah, the kindle is tha bomb. I prefer to be reading about 3 books at once, so this allows me to continue my habit.=)

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