Japan’s Ramen Restaurants

Japan Ramen Restaurants

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The one food in Japan I could have eaten until I split was ramen noodles from the noodle shops. So delicious. So I decided to interview a Japanese friend currently living in Canada for a year. Her first words:

I like ramen too, but !! It has very high calories as you know. Be careful for eating ramen too much !

No surprise there I guess. Anything that delicious has to be bad for you.


Japan Ramen

My favourite ramen is the pork based one, so my friend explains a little about it:

The name is “tonkotsu とんこつ((豚骨))”. I like とんこつ ramen the best !! I would like to go to a ramen shop in Hakata with you some day! Hakata is famous for とんこつ ramen in Japan. This ramen has the highest calories of all ramen. I like this, but how terrible!! When you eat this ramen, you had better not to eat any treats all day if you don’t want to get pounds.

I recommend ordering “gyoza ぎょうざ(餃子)” to you when you go to a ramen shop. It is very popular menu at ramen shops. They are fried dumplings. Sometimes we put them into soup and eat, but you eat fried ones at a ramen shop. You can enjoy it, I think.

Various types of Tonkotsu Ramen

  • Tonkotsu- shoyu (tonkotsu and soy souce)
  • Tonkotsu-shio(tonkotsu-salt)
  • Tonkotsu-miso(Do you know “miso”? It is fermented soy paste.)
  • Tonkotsu-kimchi-shoyu (Do you know “kimchi”? It is korean hot food.)
  • Tonkotsu-kimchi-shio
  • Tonkotsu-kimchi-miso
  • Tonkotsu-chashu-shoyu(“Cha shu is Chinese roast pork.)
  • Tonkotsu-chashu-shio
  • Tonkotsu-chashu-miso
  • Tonkotsu-kimchi-shoyu-chashu
  • Tonkotsu-kimchi-shio-chashu
  • Tonkotsu-kimchi-miso-chashu
  • Light tonkotsu with sea food base
  • Tonkotsu-miso-milk

Please Note: There are other types of ramen, especially a soy sauce based broth with all different variations as with tonkotsu. But since I don’t like it, I didn’t research it….sorry.

Well, I guess, it’s not that I don’t like it, I just really, really prefer tonkotsu.

Identifying a Ramen Shop

Japan Ramen Restaurant

Photo Credits: Pablo808 on Flickr

I also asked: What would be the name to watch out for…that would mean ramen shop in Kanji?

Usually, ramen shops put “らーめん” or “ラーメン” on their signboards, but some don’t do that. They put only shop’ name.

Ramen Restaurant

Can you find where Ramen is written?

What To Expect

Another question: What is the usual order of events in a restaurant like a ramen shop?

You usually seat yourself. A shop staff take you to a table sometimes. It depends on the shops. I think most ramen shops don’t have debit nor credit card machines. You had better to take cash. They usually bring the bill to your table after they serve all stuff you order and you take it to the cashier and pay. I understand why you ask me these questions because I wonder too whenever I go to foreign country.

At a ramen shop, we usually order at our table. If you see a vendor machine when you get in there, you buy some tickets for foods.

My friend kindly looked up some ramen shops near our apartment near Osakako station to try:

1. Saku no saku (作ノ作)
address: 1-1-1 Nanba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi
the nearest station is “Nanba” station. Here is downtown.
All of their ramen are with Tonkotsu base. You buy your favorite ramen’s ticket
with a vender machine. You can choose a ramen from them:

Their prices are from 750 yen to 1000 yen. When you buy a ticket with vender machine, a shop staff will help you, I think.

2. Muteppo(無鉄砲)
11:00-15:00, 18:00-23:00 Monday is closed.
address: 1-5-21 Ebisuhonmachi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi
The nearest station is “Imamiya ebisu” station.
menu: Tonkotsu(700 yen), Tonkotsu-chashu(900 yen), shoyu(700 yen)

3. Tenjinki(天神旗)
11:00-14:30, 18:00-23:00 Tuesday is closed.
address: 3-19-87 Kamishijo, Higashi yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi
The nearest station is “Kamishinjo”station.
This shop is very small, but their ramens are from “Hakata”. Do you remember
this name? Hakata is famous for “tonkotsu ramen” in Japan. They don’t have
own web site, so I couldn’t get any other information.

When you go to “Tenpo-san Market place”, you find some restaurants including ramen shops.

So I know this helped me a lot. Hopefully, you are able to get some use out of it too.

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