Japan Interviews: Travel Advice & What to See in Osaka/Kyoto

Osaka at night

Photo Credit: Christopher Chan on Flickr

Every once and a while we’re going to be bringing you some short interviews with people who either live in or who have traveled to Japan. You’ll learn through their experiences some great travel tips or things to do and see while in Japan.

Today we’re going to ask a few questions from our one-time Japanese teacher Asami who now lives in Osaka.

Let’s get to it!

Long Travel Tips

Q: You have travelled between Canada and Japan a few times. Do you have a favourite airline?

A: United! (They had Stabucks iced coffee in a pop can).Not sure if they still do or not. Air Canada is pretty good too.

Q:What would you pack in your carry on to best survive the long trip?

A:MP3 player, a book(usually 1 book is enough for me) and cough drops.

Q:Any tips on how to sleep or where to sit on the plane?

A:I usually listen to music to sleep.Sometimes, I don’t sleep a night before my flight so that I can sleep better on the airplane and less chance to have a jet lag. I like to sit by the emergency exit. (more space to stretch legs. plus you don’t have to bug anyone when you want to go to the washroom)

Q:Any tips on travelling with a young child on a long flight?

A:Pack least amount of stuff you need in your carry on! It also depends on kids’ age, I guess. When I think about my case, Our girl is heavy enough… and she can’t stay still, so when we have to chase her, it is easier.

What to see in Osaka/Kyoto

Q: What would you say are the best places to sight see in Osaka?

A: Osaka castle, Kaiyuukan (aquarium),Osaka lifestyle museum (kurashi museum), Yodobashi, HEP (fashion building), Mandarake (if you like anime a lot)

Q: What would perhaps be a very normal everyday activity for a Japanese person, but would be a new experience for a visitor?

A: Riding on a really packed train in the morning! Going to karaoke box, taking purikura (picture stickers).

Some places I picked for good places to visit in Kyoto are;Uji (famous for green tea and have a temple that is on 10yen coin), Arashiyama (There is a monkey park! and many stores around),Uzumasa (movie studio for filming samurai kind of movies or drama),and of course other popular places in most guide books should be good.

Thanks Asami!

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