Putting Together the Perfect Japan Travel Wardrobe

Japan Travel Packing Tips

As we slowly continue to prepare for our upcoming trip to Japan, one thing I have been trying to focus on is the clothes we will take. We will be in Australia and Japan; I need to pack for very hot weather and then only warmish weather(warmish for us anyway in the cold north=). The nice thing about it is that most of the items will be light, no big sweaters and the like, so it will be easier to pack.

Great Packing Tool

I recently discovered a tool that was really helpful in coming up with a plan. Well, I didn’t exactly discover it. My sister in law who is very good with fashion showed it to me. It is at Polyvore. The main purpose of it is to put together an outfit by searching through the brand name items they have listed.

But I realized this could be really useful in planning a travel wardrobe for a few reasons. One: you could see it all at once and see if the items will intermix well. Two: the size of the screen limits you to an amount that could likely be packed. Three: you can see what fashions are popular right now and make sure you are up to date. Four: it’s fun! I really enjoyed putting a wardrobe together.

My Japan Travel Wardrobe

This is my set for a travel wardrobe. I like colour so I had to make sure I stayed with a certain palette so it would all be interchangeable. I also knew I would need some dressier clothes and some casual. Putting it all in a group like that helped me make sure I have an even mix. I only put things that I knew I needed, not items I already owned.

Another fun thing about Polyvore is the adding of accessories. Accessories, it seems to me, are a very important part of a travel wardrobe. They allow you to change up an outfit to make it look different or to make it fancier or less so. Important things when you have to make due with what you have and wear some things over and over.

Once I had my set created, I went to my personal shopper (the previously mentioned sister-in-law) and showed it to her. She helped me to find items similar in nature that would work in the climate and events I needed them to.

So if you are having trouble figuring out what to take, try making a set at Polyvore. You have to sign up for it, but I think it ends up being worth it. Also, get a personal shopper (aka friend who is way better at shopping and style than you are=). It makes it way easier!

Photo Credits- Suitcase by: piterart.

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