Funny Japanese Commercials Staring Famous People

Funny Japanese Commercials

It’s somewhat of a joke in Hollywood that if you want to make big cash then you should appear in at least one crazy Japanese commercial.

I guess stars seem to think that if there is a high chance that no one from the English speaking world is ever going to see them, they why not take the money and act completely ridiculous.

Well, thanks to YouTube, they can’t hide anymore…

Nicholas Cage Loves His Triplets

Here’s how the Japanese director pitched this commercial:

“Lovers of your movies are clamoring for public touch. You agree to make autograph for sexy twins. But there is one more! Your mind is overcome by fever! Your cells divide and you scream to sky? “FEVER!!” And of course, men will be eating watermelon. Got it?

No. I don’t got it.

Michael J. Fox Gets Down With the Snippers

Here’s how the Japanese director pitched this commercial:

“You appear in garden with full mastery of devious hedge clippers. You are not for trusting. In your hands, tree becomes bear! Yes! You are drinking deeply of satisfaction, when “oh no!” the maid becomes disapproving. She is heavy and undesirable! Her broom signals death so you flee.

Ahh yes…the heavy and undesirable woman with the broom of death. I’ve met her before.

Like, OMG Ewen McGregor!

I’m not sure what Ewan’s problem is, but may I suggest cutting back on the crack?

Kiefer Sutherland Saves the Day One Calorie at a Time

You really got to learn to relax and use your inside voice, Kiefer.

John Travolta Gets Physical

I guess Olivia Newton-John must have been busy?

Hulk Hogan Knows His Days of the Week

Look, Hulk, if you would just throw on a shirt, maybe you wouldn’t need to buy a BigFlow.

Bruce Willis the Service Station Attendant

Here’s how the Japanese director pitched this commercial:

“You drive into American Western cowboy town. The dust is oppressing. Trunk opens to reveal powerful fuel pack, which you strap to back. Then, running! Screaming! You donate very large energy. Ha ha ha, victory! To camera you finally instruct, ‘Move on.’ Also, your character is ghost the whole time.”

I see. Oh yeah, and remember to play it like you’re a ghost the whole time!

Oh, and if you were wondering what type of juice NFL players are on nowadays – here’s a sequel:

You Too Can be as Manly as Charles Bronson

Wow! Don’t bathe in the stuff, Charles!

Here’s how the Japanese director pitched this commercial:

“Mr. Bronson, when camera rolls just be yourself. Do normal things, like enter apartment and immediately rip off shirt. Maybe throw shirt up to ceiling. Light one of your dozen pipes. Then, splash on Man Dom! Feel coolness like repeated bullets against skin. Listen for sound of horse! Then, sit. Relax. Mmm…you are in Man Dom. (pause) Mr. Bronson? Please put down gun.”

Harrison Ford Enjoys an Invisible Beer

Is that Japanese you’re trying to speak Mr. Harrison?

Sean Connery This Yogurt is Berry-Good

Proof that Ewan McGregor wasn’t the only one on crack when he agreed to do a Japanese commercial.

Mr. Bean Buys a Car

Actually, Rowan Atkinson is a perfect fit for a Japanese commercial.

Peter Falk Behind the Bar

Looks like times are tough for Columbo. But way to keep a positive attitude!

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  1. Shani  on August 8th, 2010

    Wow! Those are really awesome!!

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    Haha those were really weird!:)

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