What to Pack for a Fall Trip to Japan

Luggage for a trip to Japan

We went to Japan in early to mid November a few years ago. I thought long and hard about our wardrobes and what to pack in order to keep it feeling fresh but pack as few clothes as possible.

I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. It was the right combination for the various temperatures and for all the situations we were in.

The System

I operated on a 3 day system, needing to wash at least the basics every three days. I found that worked well. Usually things were getting a bit disorganized and needed to be tidied up anyway. Even if there wasn’t a washing machine, there were only a few items and a sink would have been fine.

I found however, we were usually by a washing machine just when we needed to be.

The Adaptable Method

luggage japan

Since it was fall, I took one short brown trench coat. I didn’t want to take any more than one because they are such bulky items. To be able to layer, I also took a white sweater which would go with anything, and could handle getting packed without getting too wrinkled.

Another thing I did was pack shirts, tank tops and pants and skirts so that they all were interchangeable. This worked really well. If it was really cool I could layer the jacket, sweater, shirt and tank top. If it was quite warm I could just wear a tank top. Then I had all the combos in between for all the different weather situation.

I was also quite happy that I brought both pants and skirts. That really made an outfit feel completely different from other combinations.

To Top it Off

A hat was a good idea too. There were times when due to travel, one didn’t get to shower as much as desired and a hat was a saviour at those times.

Also if it was raining, or too sunny, or just a bad hair day it was a handy thing to have around.

The Most Important Thing to Pack

shoes japan

But the most important of any of the things you pack are the shoes. They must be comfortable as there is a lot of walking if you are using public transportation and touring sites. Also a lot of the ground is uneven, so the 3 inch heels I brought were no good even for short trips. I think 2 inches will be my limit this time.

I also brought a brown and a black pair to go with different outfits and that also allowed me to change my shoes so my feet had a change.

The most important point about shoes however, is remember you will be taking them on and off, off and on, over and over and over again. Many of the tourist sites have you take off your shoes replacing them with slippers they offer at the door. So make sure they slip on and off easily. Having to tie and untie shoes will drive you insane.

So what tips do you have for what to pack on a trip to Japan?

Photo Credits – Cowgirl luggage by: Kirstea, Travel hat by: Simon Grubb, Walking couple by: sekihan.

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  1. Shani  on August 3rd, 2010

    Those are good tips, even when travelling to other destinations. I too am a fan of not too many coats and jackets, they are so bulky to pack and take a lot of space. Interchangable items are a must!

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