Things We Learnt from our Last Trip to Japan

Japan Travel Tips

Whenever you fly into a foreign destination you typically have to learn things in a hurry. This is especially true when you can’t read or understand a word of the language.

Here are 5 quick things we learnt from our two week trip to Japan with hopes that they might save you a few headaches.

  1. Take it slow and don’t rush decisions especially if you are lost.
    (If you rush decisions, you could end up paying $200 for a cab ride instead of $20 on the train from the Osaka airport – not that I’d know about that or anything.)
  2. Leave lots of time for travel. If possible don’t plan anything else on travel days.(Because even though, you think you have the trains schedules down and how to get some place, you might mistake the word “eight” for “eighty” thus missing your train and waiting 3 hours, when you could have got on any one of the many trains that had zipped by you. Again -no reason that I know about that.)
  3. Write down your directions the day/night before. Don’t try and get your directions when you arrive. Especially since a foreign language is involved this is important to follow. It may take a bit of time when you want to rest, but it saves you all kinds of time at the station.
  4. Bring empty luggage for purchased items on the return. You know you are going to buy way too many cute things in Japan . Just face the fact and prepare for it =)
  5. Heated toilet seats and bidets are great.

So what are your “must know” travel tips?

Photo Credits – Splash photo by: kagey_b

3 Responses to “Things We Learnt from our Last Trip to Japan”

  1. Ben Wim  on June 24th, 2010

    Use the post office to send stuff home :-)
    Find out the places where you can retrieve cash (conbini and citibanks worked for me)
    Remember that most phone offers for foreigners can only be purchased at the airport. (rental phones, rental sim cards).
    Check if you can rent a weekly mansion instead of a hotel (can be cheaper and gives you a lot more freedom).

  2. stacey  on June 24th, 2010

    thanks ben, those are great tips!

  3. Ben Wim  on June 25th, 2010

    I hope I can use those tips myself :-) Trying to save for a trip at the end of the year.

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