Japan Roundup

It’s time for another Japan roundup featuring all that’s new and wacky from Japan!

Among other things, we’ll take a close up look at the samurai sword and take a peek at one crazy Kung Fu bear.

Japanese Samurai Sword Hilts

Mazu-Chan is in with a great rundown of 30 great samurai sword hilts (tsuba).

Some definite works of art there.

Kung Fu Bear

Don’t mess with this black bear. He’s got some serious bow staff skills.

Japan Beer Festival

If you’re a big fan of Japanese beer, you’ll want to head over to Japanese Beer Festival in Tokyo at Ebisu Garden Place on June 5 and 6, 2010. There will be over 120 different types of Japanese beer showcased as well as plenty of opportunities for tastings.


Have you ever thought – What I could use right now is a cute person holding up a clock for me? If so, Bijin-Tokei (Beautiful Woman Clock) is a website that showcases different young ladies telling you what time it is.

$500 Japanese Steak

For those who have sampled Japan’s famous Kobe beef, you don’t have to be told twice that you’re enjoying the world’s finest cut of meat.

Ever wonder why it tastes so good and why it costs so much? Japan Guide Book provides the answer in Japan’s Finest Beef – $500 Steaks Anyone?

Hello Kitty Wheelchair

I don’t know what to say about this

Zombie Beef Jerky

If you thought the Hello Kitty wheelchair showed a lack of taste, how about some carefully aged zombie meat?

Photo Credits – Kung Fu Kick by: Guid-O, Asahi beer by: evilmidori, Kobe Beef by: hsuyo.

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