Cute Things From Japan-Cute²


One of the cutest things I have found from Japan is KomaNeko.

You can check it out here. The cutest stop action movies you have ever seen. And such a sweet character.

Another adorable and popular thing is amigurumi.

There are so many sweet things you can crochet.

But! What if you combined these too cute, kawaii things. It’s cuteness to the max, and you can make it yourself!


Imagine having your own komachan, momoerochan, or haeerokun. Of course the catch is that the pattern is in Japanese. After looking it over, I think if you know your crochet you could figure it out just from the pattern pictures. I would maybe start with momoichan since she is not too big and you can pretty much count the rows from the picture. After that you would likely know enough to try komachan herself.

I am thinking of asking a friend to maybe do a translation. If that works out I’ll post it here.

Also if I get around to making one of these amigurumi, I will post pictures and provide any tips I figure out. I’m not the most experienced crocheter, but I’m pretty good at making stuff up.=)

If anyone else happens to make any one of these, please send pictures! And if you have any tips to share that would be a treat too!

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  1. heather  on June 18th, 2010

    This is a kind of shot in the dark. When I was in Japan a few years ago, you could find lots of interesting stop-motion animation from around the world, for example in gift shops or bookstores.

    There was one animation, I think from central or eastern Europe… okey this is where I’m foggy… it was either the story of goldilocks or red riding hood.

    Would you have come across that?

    Yeah it’s pretty tenuous. Just thought I’d try!

    Your site is nice :) Makes me miss Japan!

  2. stacey  on June 18th, 2010

    Hey glad you like the site. We are happy to hear about anything that interests someone from Japan.

    Unfortunately, no I didn’t come across these stop animation stories, but I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for it now.

    If I do happen to come across something that looks familiar I’ll drop you a line.

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