Cute Japanese Style

Gothloli Japanese Style

We love Japan for many reasons, but cute is a big one. They even dress cute. And there are many ways to dress cute. Everyone knows about gothloli – mixing French baroque with little girl knee highs, lots of pink and bows.

Here is the cutest purse from Angelic Pretty.

Cute Japanese purse

Alice In Wonderland is another popular theme in Japanese fashion. I love this white rabbit, spoon dress from, I believe, Emily Temple.

Cute Japanese Dress

I love the way they interpret other cultures and bring them into their styles. Being of Ukrainian Polish heritage, I loved what Jane Marple developed from the idea of the Russian Matroushka dolls.

Cute Japnese dresses

If you want to see more Japanese fashion, these magazines have a wide variety of types of style to check out.

Photo Credits: Gothiloli by djspyhunter

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  1. Shani  on December 10th, 2009

    Neat! They really go all out in their styles of dress hey!

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