Map of Japan cira 1850

Japan Map cira 1850

When I saw this map on Tokyomango, I knew I had to share it.

The continents, each assigned a different colour, are generally in the right position vis-a-vis each other, but their contours are very poorly rendered, as if the map was not drawn directly from a contemporary western example, but via a system of Chinese whispers. – Strange Maps

Not sure what a system of Chinese whispers is? Me either :P

Want to see some more old maps of Japan?

1713 Map by Pieter van der Aa

Japan Map cira 1713
In the lower right you’ll see a drawing of William Adams a Dutch ship pilot that was wrecked on the shores of Japan and was never allowed to return home by order of Tokugawa Ieyasu. Sound like James Clavell’s Shogun to you?

1528 Map by B. Bordone

Japan Map cira 1528
The oldest known published European map of Japan. Or, as the Venician map maker called it – Ciampangu.

1672 Map by F. Caron

Japan Map cira 1672
If I was a cartographer this is the map I would have probably made of Japan. “Hmm…I don’t got time to go around this whole island…I think it’s pretty much square. Close enough…”

1650 Map by Joannes Janssonius

Japan Map cira 1650
Probably while F. Caron was taking out his ruler to draw box-Japan, the man from Amsterdam (Joannes Janssonius) was in a boat actually going around the islands.

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