Kawaii Poses Through the Ages

Fun little video showcasing some of the cute Japanese poses over the years. Seems like I have to update my double peace sign style.

Japan using Fawlty Towers and Red Dwarf to teach English

The BBC reports that Fukuoka Prefecture is turning to Fawlty Towers and Red Dwarf for English practice in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics.

Teachers in Fukuoka Prefecture have been using Fawlty Towers and Red Dwarf to get students used to hearing spoken English. It raises the prospect of a generation of Japanese students sounding like Basil, Sybil or even Manuel. – BBC

I wonder if there will be an increase in tourists being called “smeg heads” or “cheating, weaselly, low-life scum buckets”?

And I can’t talk about Red Dwarf without mentioning my favorite character.

Duane Dibbley!

Book Review: Diary of a Tokyo Teen

Granted I may not be the intended target audience for this book. But for a moment you’re welcome to pretend I’m a Tokyo teen :D

Stop laughing!
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Japan Rent-a-friend

Have you ever found yourself without a friend on the weekend? What about a husband or a wife to hang around with? Or fake children? Or a person to give an apology on your behalf?

Your problems are over with Japan’s professional stand-in service Family Romance!

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New Yucky Burger from McDonald’s?

McDonald’s Japan has an exciting new burger! The ヤッキ burger. Or as you would pronounce it in English – The Yucky burger.

People in Japan have been pointing out this bad burger name, noting that “yakkii” sounds like “yucky” and explaining what “yucky” means in Japanese. The definition most people are referring to is “mazui” (そごくまずい) or “very unappetizing.” – Kotaku

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I’d Buy Tea From this Guy

I have no idea what he’s doing with his shirt?!

Aggretsuko – A Better Hello Kitty

I think we can all identify with poor Aggretsuko.

Obaachans Bring the 24K Magic

It wouldn’t surprise me if they were from Osaka :D

Trade in your license for Ramen

Photo Credit: jinkemoole

Photo Credit: jinkemoole

I must say, it is some pretty good outside the box thinking. Police in central Japan are now offering elderly people a discount on ramen if they agree to surrender their driving licences.

The deal has been arranged for senior citizens in Aichi Prefecture in a bid to reduce the number of traffic accidents on local roads. From Friday, elderly drivers who hand over their licences will get a 15% discount on ramen – the popular noodle and broth soup – at the Sugakiya restaurant chain. – BBC

I wonder if there is an age restriction, because I would totally turn in my license :D

Francis “Cooking with Dog” Passes


Super sad news that Francis from Cooking with Dog passed away.


Francis passed away this afternoon. He was 14 years and 9 months old and lived a full, happy life. He was a good friend and will be missed. – Chef and Francis

I was always amazed how he wouldn’t make a run for the food.