School Girl Ninjas

Fun schoolgirl ninja/parkour that I came across. Of course it’s a hidden viral video attempt for a soft drink company, but it’s fun to see the mix of acrobatics and wire work.

The Four Top Tokyo Day Trips

Photo Credit: Hendrik Schicke

Photo Credit: Hendrik Schicke

Just came across this article on the Forbes website on the top four day trips from Tokyo. It has a nice mix of suggestions for foodies, outdoor types, and history fans.

When you visit Tokyo, give yourself time for a day trip to explore the other facets of Japan—after all, the island is made up of 47 prefectures, each with its own slew of offerings.

Check it our here.

Powder and wonder on Japan’s Northern Island: A trip to Hokkaido

Photo Credit: Beckywithasmile

Photo Credit: Beckywithasmile

It has been almost ten years since I first saw videos of snowboarders floating through on a foot of powder through perfectly spaced trees in Japan. At first I was mesmerized, and quickly began to question where in Japan this was.
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Time to Get Fit

It’s time for me work on my core. I never realized how many times I would need it!

Gamer’s Guide to Akihabara


Saw this Gamer Buyer’s Guide to Akihabara that I thought was well done. Akihabara can be a pretty confusing place, so hopefully this can help you navigate some of the madness. At least if you’re a gamer :)

Himeji Castle Construction

Himeji Castle has long been a part of my dream Japan vacation. But I’ve never been able to visit it yet because I’ve either arrived too late or it was under construction. The good news is everything should be complete in 2015. The bad news is, I guess the Japanese are pretty shocked by how white the roof is now. They call it the White Heron castle people! :D

One Japan – Video


Reader Jessica just sent me over this awesome video her boyfriend Davy put together on their recent trip to Japan. It takes a look at the people and places they visited on their journey through Osaka, Nagano, and Kyoto. Check it out :D

Yummy Japan


I read about this YouTube channel in Hiragana Times (I still have to write a post about this magazine), and I thought it looked like a great little place for finding out about Japanese cuisine. The channel links together a bunch of YouTube Japanese food videos and video bloggers. Check out Yummy Japan.

Guide Book Review: Okinawa and the Ryukyu Islands


I’ll admit it, I find beaches boring. Laying out in the sun all day just doesn’t really appeal to me. For that reason, the Okinawa region of Japan hasn’t really appealed to me. So I really wasn’t sure if I was going to find much excitement from the Tuttle guide book Okinawa and the Ryukyu Islands.

As often happens, I was wrong.
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Here’s how you Make Curry Rice

I haven’t updated for a bit. Sorry! Here’s a great Japanese curry rice commercial to tide you over :)