Men Macho Restaurant – Time to get Machooooo!


Just saw this over on Kotaku as one of the most ridiculous ramen restaurants in Japan. If you’re hungry for ramen and feel like it’s time to get macho…
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Japan’s Chicken McNugget Meal


It looks like Japan just introduced a 48 piece Chicken McNugget meal. And of course it comes in a bucket.

The offer is for a limited time only. It’s available only in Niigata Prefecture and part of a promotional tie-up with the the newly launched pop group NGT48, the Niigata-based spin-off of the massively popular idol unit AKB48. – Kotaku

But where is the 1 litre tub of honey mustard dipping sauce?

3 Strikes at Himeji Castle


For the last 10 years Himeji Castle has been my nemesis. From coming too late on my first visit, to the castle being under construction on my last, Himeji castle has long eluded me.

But this time things were going to be different!
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Quick Japan Travel Tip – Google Maps is Your Best Friend

Photo Credit: nicwn

Photo Credit: nicwn

I can’t believe how useful Google Maps was on our trip to Japan. It made navigating the cities, finding your way to the closest subway station and figuring out which trains and buses to take a complete breeze!

It’s not often when technology surpasses my expectations, but a cell phone with a data sim card and Google Maps was invaluable in making our trip so much better and stress free. Don’t travel Japan without it :D

Travel Tip – Don’t Freak Out at the Airport


Please sit back while I tell you a tale of how you should never be like me at the airport. It is a tale of woe and heartbreak, a tale of curses mumbled under the breath and of total meltdowns in arrival terminals. It is my constant companion whenever I arrive at the airport – my own personal freak out.
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Today we Fly!

Photo Credit: cronus

Photo Credit: cronus

Well we’re just about to depart for another Japan adventure. I’m excited to see what’s changed since we were there 4 years ago. And I’m especially excited to sink my teeth into some sweet tonkatsu and a heaping bowl of ramen :D

I’ll keep you updated as best I can!

Japan’s Independent Children

Interesting and short little documentary on the responsibilities that Japanese children face when getting to and from school. Also, I’ve watched the “My first errand” show before, so now I’m happy to know what it actually was. For the whole time I was wondering what these little kids were doing. I thought they had run away from home with a camera man :)

This Makes A lot of Sense


More animated Japanese art can be found here.

Suntory Sending Whisky into Space

Photo by: ssoosay

Photo by: ssoosay

It’s seems like a long way to go just for the “development of mellowness”, but Suntory is going to be sending some of their whiskey to the International Space station. They hope that the microgravity environment will aid in the mellowing. While I think it be great to try a dram of the stuff when it gets back in several years, I have a feeling it would cost a bit more than my current whisky budget allows :D

Here is the full news release.

Wow. Much News! Such Informed.