Travel Tip – Don’t Freak Out at the Airport


Please sit back while I tell you a tale of how you should never be like me at the airport. It is a tale of woe and heartbreak, a tale of curses mumbled under the breath and of total meltdowns in arrival terminals. It is my constant companion whenever I arrive at the airport – my own personal freak out.
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Today we Fly!

Photo Credit: cronus

Photo Credit: cronus

Well we’re just about to depart for another Japan adventure. I’m excited to see what’s changed since we were there 4 years ago. And I’m especially excited to sink my teeth into some sweet tonkatsu and a heaping bowl of ramen :D

I’ll keep you updated as best I can!

Japan’s Independent Children

Interesting and short little documentary on the responsibilities that Japanese children face when getting to and from school. Also, I’ve watched the “My first errand” show before, so now I’m happy to know what it actually was. For the whole time I was wondering what these little kids were doing. I thought they had run away from home with a camera man :)

This Makes A lot of Sense


More animated Japanese art can be found here.

Suntory Sending Whisky into Space

Photo by: ssoosay

Photo by: ssoosay

It’s seems like a long way to go just for the “development of mellowness”, but Suntory is going to be sending some of their whiskey to the International Space station. They hope that the microgravity environment will aid in the mellowing. While I think it be great to try a dram of the stuff when it gets back in several years, I have a feeling it would cost a bit more than my current whisky budget allows :D

Here is the full news release.

Wow. Much News! Such Informed.

Using Airbnb for your Japan Vacation


I’ve written before about the difficulties of finding fully furnished accommodations in Japan. But that was over five years ago and things ave been improving for the better; particularly with the introduction of Airbnb Japan.

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Godzilla Becomes Japanese Citizen

Godzilla, Mototsugu Katagiri

After all the hard work he did helping/destroying Japan, it looks like Godzilla has finally become a Japanese Citizen. According to the NYT:

Godzilla has stomped so many buildings in Japan that the irradiated monster was appointed special resident of and tourism ambassador for Tokyo’s Shinjuku ward.

Good on ya mate!

Tokyo Roar

The juxtaposition of old and new in Japan.

Osaka Bang – Best Street Game Ever

This is why I love Osaka. I may have to try this out and see if it works :D