The Shabu Shabu Spirit

I’ve only been out for shabu shabu once, but from this video I now know that I totally blew it!

Renting a Mobile Phone or Data Sim Card in Japan

A few months back I visited Australia and decided it would be a good idea to pick up a local mobile and data sim card to use in my phone while I was travelling. While transferring from Sydney to Melbourne I walked into the first cell phone store I found in the airport a picked up a sim card from my mobile. Total price was about $40 and it took maybe ten minutes.

I wish it was going to be that easy in Japan.
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Learn to Use Chopsticks with Chopstick Man

I’m not a chopstick expert. It is always a little depressing when Stacey receives complements for her chopstick skills while I get little more than a silent stare. I guess I’m doing it so wrong that there is no help for me. Until now that is. Now we have Chopstick Man to show us how it’s done!

By the way Chopstick Man, why so grumpy all the time? Is it because of my deplorable chopstick skills? Please don’t be angry with me Mr. Chopstick Man :(

Tomato Feeding Robot

Two things you’ll never find me doing, jogging and eating tomatoes.

Japanese Idiom: Hold Someone’s Drum

Photo Credit: hank_rhoads

Photo Credit: hank_rhoads

I’m sure you’re familiar with the English idiom “to beat one’s own drum”, and at first inspection I thought this Japanese idiom was the same thing. But while there’s some similarities, the results are much different.
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Tokyo Named World’s Safest City

Photo Credit: JanneM

Photo Credit: JanneM

Tokyo has been named the world’s safest city according to a 2015 Safe Cities Index by The Economist. website reports:

The index, which looks at digital security, health security, infrastructure safety and personal safety, ranks the Japanese capital ahead of Singapore second and Osaka third. European capitals Stockholm and Amsterdam complete the world’s top five safest cities.

Nice to see Osaka come in third place :D

Cat News Network

I would definitely watch more news and debate programming if they did it like this! :D

100 Japanese Maids : 1Pancake

Don’t know what to say about this one, other than the Japanese sure have a delightful and strange sense of humour :D

Japan Law to Force Workers to go on Holiday

Photo Credit: Bertrand Tran.

Photo Credit: Bertrand Tran.

Yeah I know that’s pretty wild and crazy, but according to The Telegraph, the Japanese Government has recently introduced a law to make sure workers are taking their vacation time.

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The Tech Behind Conveyor Belt Sushi

Some pretty amazing tech goes into conveyor belt sushi. And here I though they were just counting your different color plates at the end of the meal :P